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Access Statement

North Ledaig Caravan Park

Contact information

For those wishing to contact North Ledaig Caravan Park by phone, calls can be made to the site on 01631 710291.  We can also be contacted by email on admin@northledaigcaravanpark.com.  

General Site information

The park is situated over a 30 acre site on a sea-shore location in its own bay along two miles of private west facing sand and shingle beach.  The park is elevated with a gradual gradient slope to sea level. Tarmac roads runs around and through the park giving access to all areas. The North to South roads are generally level and the East to West roads running down to the sea have varying slopes of up to 20%. There is no definition between pedestrian or vehicle routes and there are no speed bumps but there is a 10mph speed limit requirement.

Arrival & Car Parking facilities

Upon arrival there is signage advising customers to pull well into the car park.  There are no designated spaces for arrivals but there is a kerb to the right of arrivals to accommodate 3 outfits and a wide area for double parking in the centre of the road.  The park has 9 spaces for visitor parking to the left of reception block.  There is a late arrivals area also near reception block to accommodate 4 outfits which has a raised kerb of 2cm.  None of these are designated for disabled people but have evenly laid tarmac on level ground.

Reception & Shop

The approach route to the reception/shop area is step-free with a shallow ramp and there are no  handrails. There is no kerb edge.  There are tie posts for provision of dogs to be tied up outside the building.  There is a threshold lip on the entrance of 1cm with a double opening door and large push handle for disabled access along with 4 vision panels of safety glass, 2 top, 2 bottom.  The shop has an aisle along the left running along the rear and right side of between 90-120cm and a centre aisle of 50cm between two ice cream freezers.  There are shelves from 12cm to180cm high.  We do not have disabled access shelves but members of staff are willing to help if required.  Shop counter height is 95cm with a lowered section with a height of 76cm for baskets. 

Reception counter height is 120cm with 2 lowered sections with a height of 107cm but is not currently fitted with a hearing induction loop system to assist hearing aid users. There are 4 seats opposite the reception desk next to the information area.  This area has the relevant bus timetables and attractions for visitors to take along with guides for eating out.

On arrival to reception customers will be provided with a map and explanation of areas on site including dog walks and play areas, warden and office numbers for in and out of hours help and assistance and information on opening hours for reception and the shop.  There is also relevant information on the area including important numbers such as Doctors, Hospitals & Vets and Public Transport information. 


Whilst there are no pitches permanently designated for disabled there are 8 gravel surfaced pitches which are level and nearby to the facilities which are made available on our members side of the park  when requested for caravans and motorhomes, and a further 8 gravel surfaced pitches available on our non members side of the park.  These pitches are between 88m and 98m from the accessible toilet, laundry, information and  dishwashing area and 152m away from reception.  All attempts are made to allocate suitable level pitches if requested.

Toilet blocks

There are two toilet/shower blocks. 

The main centrally located toilet/shower block has the male, female and accessible facilities for disabled and parent and child and also houses the vegetable preparation area, laundry and information areas.

Under a large covered area there is a single step into the male facilities and a ramp into the female facilities.  Both have doors which are unlocked and open with large grab handles and are inward opening.  Internally they have tiled floors.  There are privacy cubicles with washbasins in each of the single sex facilities.  The showers are electric and require swiping for turning on and off and for temperature adjustment.  They are tiled and there are no steps to access and no grab rails, but have a 20mm drop into the shower from the dressing area. Between showers there is a gap at the bottom of each wall of  16cm.   The taps to the washbasins are push type and the sinks are of wheelchair height but have no kneehole space.

There is an accessible toilet/shower room located in the main centrally located toilet/shower block and is  accessed through the information area and which is opened using a key available from reception for a deposit of £5.  There is a central door with no step or ramp and is a forward opening door with a width of 920mm.  This is a wet room style bathroom with a non slip tiled floor and spacious room for manoeuvring a wheelchair. The shower area has a ceramic tiled floor with 3 grab handles at 800 – 1600mm heights and a fold down wall seat. The shower does not have a low-level shelf and the sliding rail showerhead attachment needs to be adjusted before sitting on a folding shower seat which has a height of 500mm, should this be needed. 

There are 2 washbasins, one normal height and one wheelchair height access and even though neither can be reached from the WC pan, one of the sinks is directly opposite the toilet. One Washbasin is at 800mm height and the other at 750mm height.  The wheelchair height washbasin has taps that have extra long spring bars to turn the water on and spring off when released.

The toilet has 2 raise and lower grab rails, one each side for maximum accessibility.

 There is no alarm switch in the room and the light switch is of standard wall mounted type with no pull cord.

There is a parent and child room located in the main centrally located toilet block.  Access is through the information area with flat access and it is opened using a key available from reception for a deposit of £5.  It has a forward opening into a carpeted room.  There is a smaller size bath at a height of 600mm and length of 1200mm.  A bath seat is incorporated into the bath design at a height of 200mm from the bath base.  There is a standard size toilet with a standard seat and a child seat attached to it.  There is no step for the toilet.

There is a baby changing station area at a height of 1000mm with a lip on the side of 100mm.  Next to this there is a bathing sink which is at the same height as the changing station and is 600mm long and 900ml in depth.  All taps are press down taps that turn off themselves.

There is a dishwashing area to the side of the toilet block within a covered area.  Access is flat surface to an open-sided area and has space for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre.  The sinks are 89cm high with space under for storage of dishwashing products and they have push taps.

A laundry room with seating is in the central block. There are 3 front loading washing machines and 3 front loading tumble driers with a drum height of 121cm and drum depth of 100cm. Tokens for the washing machine are sold in the shop.  The tumble drier works on 20p’s.

The information area is accessed through a door under the covered area and has tiered shelves which are disabled accessible.  There is also a low level table with bench seats and a notice board displaying brochures of local activities and attractions.

A second toilet/shower block situated behind reception, houses both male and female toilets and showers.

There is no step to enter. There is no disabled facility in this toilet block but there is a large toilet in both male and female blocks suitable for people with impairment difficulties but it does not have a mobility grab handle in either one.  There are 8 showers in both the male and female areas with a large shower in both, again suitable for people with impairment difficulties but they do not have a mobility handles in them. 

The men’s toilets have 4 urinals at a height of 560mm and 5 sinks with a height of 86cm. The sinks have push taps and are of wheelchair height but with no kneehole space. There are also 4 modesty cubicles with washbasins with a door width of 65cm but with sinks at right angles to the door and with limited manoeuvring space.

The Ladies toilets have 8 Toilets and 4 sinks with a height of 88cm.  The sinks have push taps and are of wheelchair height but with no kneehole space. There are also 4 modesty cubicles with a door width of 65cm with sinks facing the door but with limited manoeuvring space.

There are hand driers and hair dryers with flexible hoses in all areas of the two toilet/shower blocks.

Local Area

There is a bus stop outside the park which goes to Oban.  The bus is suitable for disabled access and is fitted with a ramp should it be needed.  It is also dog friendly. There is a bus to Fort William which picks up outside the park on a non designated area.  This bus is not wheelchair or dog friendly.

There are numerous taxis available in the area and we have a dedicated taxi driver who we refer to due to his availability and cost.

General information

There is no public telephone on site but there is a good mobile telephone reception.  There is no wifi but there is a good digital television signal with aerials pointing west and 4g for mobile phone use to access the internet.